PPI Calculator Claims

Branded the biggest scandal in the history of banking, the PPI claims saga shows little sign of fading away.  So far, many thousands of people have used a PPI calculator to successfully assess and claim back charges on mis sold PPI policies, but do you know if you’re owed a refund? Although the subject has received much coverage in the press and the public have been made aware of their right to claim there are still many thousands of outstanding cases, and you may be entitled to a refund. Let’s have a look at what it’s all about, and how you should go about making a PPI claim.

All about PPI Calculator Claims

One of the most notable facts about the PPI claims scandal is that many people had no idea they were paying into a policy. Some did not even know what it was for. Put simply, payment protection insurance is a form of insurance that is intended to cover the policy holder in the event they find they are out of work through no fault of their own. A PPI policy is a common form of insurance, but problems arose when a number of complaints were forwarded to the Office of Fair Trading, and an investigation was carried out.

Mis-sold PPI Claims

The result of the investigation was quite startling as it was discovered that regular mis-selling of PPI policies was widespread. Many people had been sold policies without their knowledge, others had been sold policies that could never have been of use to them, and yet more found they had not been given an adequate explanation of their rights when being sold such a policy. Heavy fines were levied on the banks, and a subsequent order that they should pay back money on mis-sold policies led to them using a PPI calculator and setting aside an estimated £8billion in order to cover the PPI claims costs.

How to Use A PPI Calculator

If you believe you have been mis-sold a policy you can use our specialist team who have years of experience in the field of PPI claims. There are many companies out there promising to help you in this area of law and you can always take on your alone. If you don’t want to use our winning PPI claims team then make sure you look for one with experience in the field and find a no win, no fee deal.Remember, it is your right to claim back the fees on mis-sold policies, so don’t delay.